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Galadriel: the dragon head for a long time. Gandalf: that's right, my lady. Smaug should be loyal to anyone, but if he has the enemy page. A dragon can be used to terrible effect. Saruman: which enemy? Gandalf, the enemy is defeated. Sauron is defeated. You can never recover its full effect. Elrond: we lived four hundred years warning Gandalf, in peace, a difficult. Gandalf: will we have peace? Trolls have fallen in the mountains, attack the villages, destroying farms. Orcs have attacked us on the road! Elrond: hardly a prelude to war. Saruman: it should always be a problem, look for problems where they don't exist. Galadriel: leave. Gandalf: there is something that works beyond the wickedness of Smaug. Something much more powerful. You could be blind but don't ignore that promise is not possible. A disease that is found in the forest. Now known as Mirkwood and, uh, the life, the woodcutter, they say. Saruman: well, don't stop. Tell us what they say loggers. Gandalf: a wizard who can summon the dead speak of a necromancer of Dol Guldur, they. Saruman: it is absurd. Such a power does not exist in this world. This necromancer is nothing more the mortal man, a sorcerer of dabbling back pain relief pillow in black magic. Gandalf: and then I thought also, but I had seen a guest Harbour. Saruman: Rada guest? Rada does not speak the host Brown. He is a stupid man. Gandalf: this is rare, I assure you. Leads a solitary life. Saruman: it doesn't. Is his excessive consumption of mushrooms. You have confused the brain and yellowish teeth!. .