Back Pain Relief When Standing

If you suffer from pain in the back half, consult a physician before starting an exercise program, because the pain can be an indication of heavy Infury and exercise can aggravate the condition. With the approval of your doctor exercise strengthens muscles that support the back half to relieve pain and prevent future damage assistance. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day, at least three times a week. Don't forget to stretch at least five minutes before and after the training. Walk, walk in place or with an elliptical or stationary bike is hot. Five minutes after exercise, muscles empty waste produced by kicking. You may have about exercises dealt with specifically in the medium, but it is important to engage all muscle groups that support it. It is the abdominals, back and buttocks. Traditional exercises for several muscle groups are a back pain relief when standing great way of all major muscle groups at the same time, thus strengthening the back half and improve flexibility. These include swimming, hiking and biking. Do these exercises, sit in a Chair or on a bench to rest with your feet on the ground. Lift the left arm until you feel a stretch in your area at the sides. Push the lever down and repeat with your right arm. Repeat this sequence 10 times. Arriving little by little to the toes, he bows his back, while you do it. Return to the starting position, to keep the line. Repeat several times to stop, but immediately if pain. Do these exercises on a carpet, carpet, carpet, or yoga. When they are in the womb with the arm on each side, turn your hands so that your palms up. Slowly lift the head, back and neck and I'm from Earth. Hold, then release and repeat several times. When it should be used lying on your stomach with your hands to push half of his body, from the ground, but still your hips on the floor. Lift only until you feel a comfortable stretch for 8-10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. It starts to cats, then bring the hands before and bend your elbows so that touch the ground. Turn your elbows toward the top of each form of arm at a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower the head and at the same time, arching her back up. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower the back to keep the head in the same position. Repeat 10 times. Put a stick broom or other stick long behind the back and just below the neck. Hold one end in each hand and slowly swing to the right, then turn left. Repeat several times. Against the wall with feet shoulder width apart and heels about 18 inches from the wall. Tighten the abdominal muscles, then slowly push the wall until this crouched with knees 90 degrees to the curve. For five seconds and slippery and then back up to the wall. Repeat five times. If a full you can bend to 90 degrees below can conveniently. To stretch the capacity will increase with time, as you continue to do this exercise. Do these exercises with an elastic band with handles. The resistance has to offer the band a comfortable level as you do not like a load of roads, but. Just stretch the right arm with the band in the back of the shoulders and hands. Extend the left arm on the chest and right. Repeat 5 to 10 times and then switch hands and repeat several times, 9:55. Expand with the band in the region of the shoulder blade back and hands covered both arms well before. Gently and slowly stretches a little more in the left arm and the five - repeat ten times. Then do the same with the right arm. (See note 4). Exercise ball is intentionally excessive resistance. These exercises use the ball to strengthen the muscles of the back and Abdmoninal for the balance. To find the right size ball, sit on the ball and make sure that your feet rest on the floor. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Pull the belly of the ball with the hands on the lie, the abdominal muscles, keep your back straight floor. Stomach, lying on the ball and your hands on the floor. Let the front abdominal muscles tight and go on the hands until the ball under the legs. Now you walk backwards, until you are in the return to the original position. Repeat several times. Stomach, lying on the ball and your hands on the floor. Stretching of the abdominal muscles and move forward on hands until the ball under the legs. Lift one arm and then slowly lower. Repeat with the other arm. Return to the starting position and repeat several times. .