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Diagnosis of pain and stiffness in arthritis types JointsDifferent and OsteoarthritisSymptoms have different symptoms. Generally have people with most forms of arthritis pain and stiffness of the joints. Osteoarthritis usually develops slowly and can occur in any joint, but often occurs in the joints of the load. At the beginning of the disease, which the town hurts after work or physical exercise. Osteoarthritis occurs more frequently in the hands, hips, knees, neck or low. The most common signs of arthrosis of SignsCommon are joint pain, swelling and OS Tendernessstiffness friction after Bede crack sound of bone or feeling abandoned. Not all patients with osteoarthritis pain, however. In fact, only one-third of persons with radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis report pain examination or other symptoms. DiagnosisTo make a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, most doctors use a combination of methods and their medical history, a physical examination, x-rays and laboratory tests. Is a clinical description of the patient's symptoms, and when and how it started. The description for the function of pain, stiffness, and joint, and how these have changed over the years. A physical examination will include a medical examination of the joints, the skin, reflexes and muscle strength. The doctor observes the patient's ability to walk, bend, and daily activities. X-rays are limited to reveal how articulate possible damage in osteoarthritis. X-rays are usually osteoarthritis injuries until there is a significant loss of cartilage. Your doctor may ask, click InformationIt emits a full medical back pain relief yoga history is important to your doctor, for people with the type of joint pain. Answering these questions will help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis: pain felt in one or more joints? When pain occurs and how long? Note: when for the first time the pain? make the pain better or worse? have illness or accidents, can explain the pain? It would be a family history of any disease or arthritis rheumatism? What other drugs takes? The patient's location, daily activities and levels of anxiety or depression have can be very a with severity of osteoarthritis symptoms. The arthritis often CareTreating can make available, requires a multidisciplinary approach or team. Different types of care for people with arthritis health professions. You can include a couple or more professional the following to your health care team. Doctors, doctors to treat patients until they refer to other specialists in the health care system. Often, the primary care doctor are the primary care physician to treat arthritis. Students also manage other medical problems and coordinate medical care received from other physicians and health care professionals. Rheumatologists, physicians to specialize in the treatment of arthritis and diseases to affect the joints, muscles and bones. Orthopedic surgeons-surgeons who specialize in the treatment and surgery of bone and joint diseases. Click for more Informationphysical, articulate, occupational therapists, to improve patient function. Occupational therapists, health professionals, that minimize the ways to protect your joints, pain lessons, save your activities of daily living and energy. Dietitians-health professionals, to teach how to use a good diet to improve health and maintain a healthy weight. Nurses, teachers, nurses and specialist nurses for patients understand their condition and treatment plans to implement. Maximize physicians physiatrists (rehabilitation specialists)-patients help their physical potential. Click here for acupuncture therapists for more health professions InformationLicensed-relieve pain and the operation of inserting thin needles into the skin at specific points on the body to improve. Psychologists, occupational health research, the difficulties to be overcome at home and in the workplace, to help their patients. Social workers, experts, patients with social problems, disability, unemployment, financial problems, health and other requirements, that helping in his State of health. Click here for more InformationChiropractors. Health professionals as a treatment on the relationship between the structure of the body, especially the spine and the operation. Therapists, caregivers, push, rub massage and manipulate the muscles and other soft tissue of the body. Most commonly using hands and fingers, but can their forearms, elbows and feet. .